Dickson and June Pre-Wedding


They fell in love in Taiwan, get married in 2012.

After 2 years, baby girl  “Nuri” was born. The Chinese name of the little baby called Wing Hui 詠煦, and there is a story behind a little piece of Dickson’s childhood. When he was around 5-6 years old, he met an auntie from neighborhood on the street who was going out with her son and daughter. Well, he was so jealous to those child who have a company brother/sister which he don’t have (yet), so he told a lie to the auntie neighbor he actually had a little sister in her mom womb. Auntie asked him what was her name and he made that up and named it “Kwok Wing Hui”. 2014 in November, baby girl was born and he named his baby after the same pronunciation in Chinese, “Kwok Wing Hui”, “郭詠煦”.

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